PrairieCare Residential Services is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and provides intensive residential treatment for youth requiring psychiatric monitoring and daily living skills support. The program is managed by board certified child & adolescent psychiatrists and treatment is provided by a team of professionals who have specialized training and experience in providing mental health services to youth. The entire staff is trained in a DBT-informed care model and works collaboratively to provide a positive support system.

For Families: At PrairieCare Residential Services we believe in the importance of family involvement during treatment. Family members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the treatment program from initial assessment, to setting treatment goals and planning for discharge. We provide therapy, education and support for families through weekly family therapy and our parent education nights. We have a chaplain on staff that is available to you and your family if desired. We strongly encourage on going connection with your child during treatment and have visiting time every day of the week. As your child progresses through treatment we will work with your family to plan passes to help everyone practice new skills in preparation for your child’s transition back home.

For Youth: We know that coming to residential is a very difficult decision. All of our staff members are here to support you throughout your stay. We want you to have a voice in your treatment and will encourage you to participate every step of the way. We also know that doing the work in treatment is hard; however, we also believe that fun time, leisure and recreation are also important pieces of your treatment program. Each day, you will participate in a variety of activities designed to help you learn more about your-self, your mental health symptoms and skills to help you think, feel and behave in ways that feel more helpful to you.

Continue reading to learn more about the daily schedule, school, your treatment team, and information about other services offered during your stay.

Daily Schedule

Residents participate in school, a variety of group therapies and other activities each day. Residents are in programming with their peer group. The following is an example of what the daily schedule may look like:

Main Hallway

daily schedule


Your Treatment Team Includes:

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
Physicians with specialized training in all aspects of care of mentally ill and/or addicted children and adolescents.

Family and Individual Therapists
Fully licensed, Masters level therapists experienced in helping youth and families cope better with the challenges of childhood psychiatric disorders.

Licensed nurses with specialized training in caring for psychiatrically ill residents.

Residential Counselors
Staff members trained to support residents throughout the day. Residential counselors are present 24 hours/7 days a week to provide support, counseling and supervision.


Additional Information/Services

Community roomDischarge
Length of stay in the residential program is based on each resident’s individual needs. Length of stay can average between three and six months depending on each resident’s needs, motivation and progress. Discharge planning begins at admission and continues through each resident’s stay in the program. In most cases, successful completion of treatment is based on the resident’s improved ability to manage stress, mental health symptoms and other issues in a more healthy and adaptive manner allowing them to function more successfully at home, in school and in their community.

Meals and snacks are provided daily. Each resident is screened upon admission for dietary needs, allergies and/or restrictions. The menu at PrairieCare Residential Services is overseen by a registered dietitian. Individual dietary consults may be ordered by a physician as deemed necessary.

Treatment of some illnesses may include the recommendation by a physician for the use of medications. Medications are only dispensed after the staff has provided education on the specific medication to the resident and the parent/guardian has granted approval to begin the medication ordered. A staff member administers any medication scheduled to be given during the time the resident is at the program. All medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the nursing office. Resident non-compliance with medications is addressed as a treatment issue.

patient roomResident Rooms and Accommodations
Residents at PrairieCare Residential Services will have individual rooms complete with a private bathroom, comfortable sleeping arrangements, clean linens, storage space for some personal belongings, and a desk. For safety reasons, rooms cannot be locked from the inside.

The residential program offers comfortable common areas for residents to use which includes television, games, furniture, and phones which can all be used with permission from staff. PrairieCare Residential Services strives to offer a comfortable environment that is both safe and conducive to treatment. Staff have taken many precautions to ensure both of these within the program.

Residents will be able to access showers daily on the unit during designated times. Staff will supply any supplies needed for personal hygiene such as: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and contact solution.

After Care Services
We know that transitioning out of residential can be challenging, both for the resident and for the family. PrairieCare Residential Services offers an aftercare program that allows for several months of psychiatry and therapy visits with your residential providers.


The team at PrairieCare Residential Services believes strongly that school/education plays an extremely important and influential role in the lives of children and adolescents. While the importance for mental health services often outweighs the need for schooling when a child or adolescent is in residential treatment, the PrairieCare Residential Services program believes the wellness of a child’s mental state is often deeply woven into the educational and social success experienced in the school setting.

PrairieCare Residential Services therefore partners with School District 287 to provide four hours of education during the academic year as well as academic instruction during a summer session. Parents are asked to sign a Release of Information (ROI) so that contact with the resident’s community school may be made. Admissions forms for District 287 are completed prior to or upon admission to the residential program. Educational staff may include a special education teacher, certified teaching specialist, licensed teacher, paraprofessional or additional tutors as necessary.

Prior to discharging from the program, the educational team will coordinate a school staffing to invite the family and staff from the resident’s home school to review treatment progress, recommendations for continued care, and any changes made to the individual education plan (IEP). PrairieCare Residential Services and classroom staff may consult with the resident’s home school if an alternative educational placement is recommended after residential treatment.

PrairieCare Residential Services recommends the PACER Center for parents seeking advocacy for their child’s educational rights at 800-537-2237. The PACER Center can help parents understand laws surrounding disabilities and IEP’s.