Paragon Treatment For Youth

Nearly one out of five children will suffer from symptoms of a diagnosable mental illness, and approximately 70 percent of those symptoms will begin before the age of 14. A vast majority of these illnesses are highly treatable with appropriate evaluation and intervention. Learn how Paragon Treatment can make a difference.

We are happy to assist anybody seeking more information about Paragon, or who is ready to make a referral. Our Admissions Specialist works with parents and providers to help youth get connected to treatment at Paragon and other programs as necessary. To make a referral, please feel free to call us directly at 952.826.8402 or you can complete the following form to provide us with more information.

  • Are 10-17 years of age
  • Struggle with long-standing mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, reactive attachment disorders and/or mood dysregulation. 
  • Experience long-standing suicidal ideation and/or self-injurious behavior
  • Require long-term, intensive psychiatric intervention in a safe, secure and supervised setting 

Welcome to Paragon Treatment Programs – a Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers Program for Youth!

residential care waiting roomParagon is a mental health residential treatment center that provides intensive, psychiatric treatment services to youth age 10-17. Our program is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota and provides services to youth from around the state.

Mental Health Residential Treatment Center for Youth

We are this part of the nation’s most intensive and comprehensive residential mental health facilities program. Paragon’s treatment program is overseen by a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who leads the clinical services and provides weekly psychiatry care to our residents. This level of involvement and oversight by a psychiatrist who specializes in children and adolescents allows us to offer the highest caliber of psychiatric and behavioral health care to youth with chronic and complex mental health issues.

Families and youth access services at Paragon in a variety of ways including referrals from other care professionals. If you would like more information about Paragon please call us at 952-826-8402 or contact us.

Why Choose Paragon Residential Treatment Programs For Mental Health Recovery

Paragon is committed to providing high quality, compassionate residential care to children and adolescents with intensive psychiatric needs. Our residential treatment setting allows a team of clinicians to truly assess and provide care for youth and families which provides the foundation for the ongoing stabilization they need to cope with symptoms of their condition and to continue on the path of healthy growth and development.

The Paragon treatment program is unique in that it is overseen by a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. The Paragon Program is overseen by our Clinical Director, who is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. In addition to leading our clinical team, our Clinical Director also provides psychiatry services to our residents . This high-level of involvement by a psychiatrist is unique to Paragon and allows us to offer the specialized psychiatric care that each of our resident’s truly need. Learn More

Our Mental Health Treatment Programs and Services

Paragon is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and provides intensive residential treatment for youth requiring psychiatric monitoring and daily living skills support. The program is managed by board certified child & adolescent psychiatrists and treatment is provided by a team of professionals who have specialized training and experience in providing mental health services to youth. The entire staff is trained in a DBT-informed care model and works collaboratively to provide a positive support system.Learn More

For Families:

At Paragon we believe in the importance of family involvement during treatment. Family members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the treatment program from initial assessment, to setting treatment goals and planning for discharge. We provide therapy, education and support for families through weekly family therapy and our parent education nights. We have a chaplain on staff that is available to you and your family if desired. We strongly encourage on going connection with your child during treatment and have visiting time every day of the week. As your child progresses through treatment we will work with your family to plan passes to help everyone practice new skills in preparation for your child’s transition back home.