Paragon Treatment For Youth

Welcome to Paragon Treatment Programs – a Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers Program for Youth!

waiting roomParagon is a mental health residential treatment center that provides intensive, psychiatric treatment services to youth age 10-17. Our program is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota and provides services to youth from around the state.

Mental Health Residential Treatment Center for Youth

We are this part of the nation’s most intensive and comprehensive residential mental health facilities program. Paragon’s treatment program is overseen by a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who leads the clinical services and provides weekly psychiatry care to our residents. This level of involvement and oversight by a psychiatrist who specializes in children and adolescents allows us to offer the highest caliber of psychiatric and behavioral health care to youth with chronic and complex mental health issues.

Families and youth access services at Paragon in a variety of ways including referrals from other care professionals. If you would like more information about Paragon please call us at 952-826-8402 or click on the “contact us” box above.